About Us

Mission Statement

We are a professional company that presents theatrical content, subject matter, styles and forms that are alternative to what is currently offered in our community. (We define a “professional” as anyone who trains and works primarily in the performing arts regardless of union affiliations)

Our operations are motivated by the following guiding principles: We provide an uncensored and uncompromising voice to those in our community who are often considered to exist beyond the fringes of social propriety, sexual norms and gendered expectations.

Our season is selected to entertain, enlighten, challenge and provoke. The season will be a combination of new work by local artists, reinterpretations of old works and published plays that fit our definition of outré.

We make a concerted effort to employ artists who choose to live, work and study in the Lethbridge area, and to make their work known to communities outside of Lethbridge through tours and other forms of inter-community outréach

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