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Written and Produced by Liam Monaghan
June 15-17

Where do you come from?

Who are you becoming?

What do you love?

Just weeks after moving in with his boyfriend, Joseph, Liam receives an unexpected letter from his birthmother. What follows is an extraordinary journey through strange realities and familiar fantasies, as Liam plays out a personal myth in pursuit of the meaning of family.

Written and Produced by Liam Monaghan

Direction and Dramaturgy by Brett Dahl

Featuring Liam Monaghan, Graham Mothersill, and Kathy Zaborsky

Lighting/Projection Design by Whittyn Jason

Sound Design by Derek Miller

Stage Direction by Curtis Gauthier.

This production would not have been possible without the support of the Edmonton Arts Council, Theatre Outré, and Lethbridge Pride. The Producer would also like to acknowledge that he engages under the terms of the Indie 2.2, artists who are members of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.


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