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ImpromptOu is the improvised arm of Theatre Outré.  We seek to entertain our audiences without the safety net of a script, a plan or even social propriety.  We are Lethbridge’s ONLY improv troupe and offer a variety of shows and show formats whether we are performing at our home venue, Didi’s Playhaus, or at other locations throughout the city!

All impromptOu’s shows are designed to entertain and delight our audiences and allow them an escape from the predictability of daily life.  ANYTHING, and we mean anything, can happen at an impromptOu show!  Our shenanigans range from the monthly antics of our most popular format: Drunk Improv, to the continuing dramas of Gomorrah, Lethbridge’s entirely improvised soap opera.  With these events combined with the honest exploration of familial relationships in the powerful tragicomedy No Way Out, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Like its mother company, Theatre Outré, impromptOu is committed to providing a queer and gender affirming environment in everything we do and everywhere we go.  Humour can be complex, surprising, enlightening, and reflective of the diverse community that we are a part of.


We are proud to be contributing to Theatre Outré’s 10-year anniversary season: Origins.  Throughout the year our talented and tantalizing troupe, The impromptOu Players, will band together to bring the best of all things improv to Lethbridge, including new shows, public workshops and exciting guest stars!

You can follow impromptOu on Facebook to keep up to date with what we have going on all year long in venues throughout Lethbridge!

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