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Let’s talk about death.

Join hosts Mia van Leeuwen and Deonie Jensen as part of an audience interactive experience that explores the themes of death, dying and grief, and includes arts-based, queer, and feminist perspectives. The evening will also showcase surprise guest performances!

Mia van Leeuwen, artist and associate professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge, practices the body of performance to explore wide-ranging themes while playfully blurring the lines between theatre and visual art. Unsettling, juxtaposing, re-mixing, winking, collaborating, guiding, and making strange are some of the actions that inform the devising of her various projects. Currently, she is an organizing member and co-producer of the upcoming Waking Death: Arts & Culture Event Series to take place in Lethbridge in the Fall of 2023.


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